Hi, I’m Phil Cigan.  These are some photos I’ve taken over many years.  I don’t claim that they are particularly wonderful photos – these are simply a selection that have caught my fancy for one reason or another.  For some, I like the composure, for others I like the contrast, and for yet others I just plain like them for no good reason.

About me: I’m an astronomer-traveler-baker-capoeirista-drummer.  But what’s in a name…  Born and raised in Wisconsin, I got started on travel relatively early, and spent a couple years living in Japan before returning to the US for graduate school.  I’m currently pursuing my PhD in astrophysics in lovely New Mexico.  I would really love to make it to Antarctica to round out the last of the 7 continents, but I’m very opportunistic with my travel – I simply go on the trips that happen.   I like to think of myself as proof that you don’t need to make a lot of money to see the world!

About the name: Fernweh quite simply means “farsick”, the opposite of “homesick” – in other words, it’s the overwhelming urge to travel.  There is no denying that I have had the travel bug for as long as I can remember.  Now I finally have the means to pass on some of my experiences in 2D fashion.  My primary intention is not to become rich selling these, but rather to share some of the scenes that I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy in my travels.  That being said, if I manage to eke out a miniscule supplement to my meager grad student salary, then I certainly shan’t complain.

Enjoy.  Because I certainly will.


Mount Fuji

The view from Mt. Fuji